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Zac Efron's Official Site and Social Profiles

From Twitter to Google+ and more...check out our complete list of Zac Efron's official sites and social profiles and help us spread the word by sharing this post! The profiles listed are the ONLY accounts that Zac has online.

As Zac says in his video to fans below, any other public or private profiles you may find, are NOT him. Thank you again to all the fans around the world for your constant love and support! - Team ZE


Destiny, power and wealth...Fiery Cole Carter repping the 818 with his Japanese dragon tattoo. #spiritanimal #wayf #weareyourfriends

Want to be in @WAYFMovie? Come by our free music festival at 777 South Alameda Street in Los Angeles NOW!! #wayf #weareyourfriends

REGRAM from @wayfmovie: "Wardrobe designer Christie Wittenborn (@motofoxx) knew Cole's fashion inspiration could only be found in one place - the edgy yet artistic skater culture that has permeated California

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